Welcome from the Chief

Welcome to our Web Site. We are hopeful that through this electronic tool, you will learn more about your fire department and how it serves you.

Our objective is to update you regularly through the use of [Link] this site on key fire department issues of the day such as our budget, our annual report, new equipment and personnel, and both short and long terms goals for the organization.

We have a section on Open Air Burning of Brush that should help residents to better understand the environmental and legal concerns about burning brush during the spring. We will update this page as burning season approaches. We will also provide daily updates on days when burning of brush will and will not be allowed so residents will not need to call the Fire Department.  This will be shown on our Fire Department Home Page. By clicking on Open Burning on the Home Page, you will go directly to our Open Burning Page.

There is a site with pictures of our fire apparatus. You can visit this page by clicking on "Our Apparatus" on the Fire Department Home Page. We are going to be adding more information of a historical nature about the Marshfield Fire Department in the future. We hope you enjoy it.  

Our Fire Prevention site is now functional. There is information on our fee schedule for permits and inspections, pages explaining what needs to be done if you are selling or refinancing your home, and other helpful information. There are also links to General Laws and Regulations that will allow you to review the applicable statute on fire alarm and smoke detector placement, oil burner installation, and other issues. However, Deputy Chief Louis Cipullo who also serves as our Fire Prevention Officer is also a beneficial resource and he should be working with you to assure compliance with State and local regulations.

We have added two forms that we feel are extremely helpful to us during a response to your home or business. The information from both the Residential Form and the Business Form  will be entered into our computer data base as we continue to expend our capabilities in this area. This gives us valuable information, such as if you have a child that is allergic to latex or some medication, or if you have a designated key holder that allows us entry to your home if your fire alarms are going off while you are away.  This is strictly a voluntary program, but we believe that it is very beneficial to you. Please print the appropriate form and mail it to us at Marshfield Fire Department, 60 South River St., Marshfield, MA 02050.

There is now a site with some Helpful Hints for people who might have an interest in becoming a call firefighter, and there is another page outlining the Hiring Process  where we will post the process to become a career firefighter in Marshfield.

I would ask your assistance by providing your comments, both positive and not so positive of our site as you review it. We would like to learn how we can better serve you through this site. You can reach me by e-mail, admin@marshfieldfire.org or you can call me at (781) 834-5546.. You can also stop by Central Fire Station, 60 South River St. if you wish to voice your issues to me in person.


We placed our newest ambulance into service in February 2014 which will maintain the fleet of four ambulances. Two of these ambulances are staffed by the duty shift in addition to their firefighting duties. We will be adding new equipment to the four ambulances: Capnography which measures the effectiveness of a patient's breathing and records it on the monitor for future reference.EZ-I0 which allows the Firefighter/Paramedics to drill into a bone when the patient's blood pressure is to low for them to start a standard IV to low for them to start a standard IV to administer critical medications to the patient. CPAP which will assist patients suffering from congestive heart failure to breathe easier and speeds their recovery. This will be going on in March the other two are already in service.


This gives the call taker the name and address of the person who pays the bill at the same instant the phone rings. When calling 911 the phone will be answered by a Marshfield police officer so if they need the ambulance or the fire department that should be the first thing they say. When calling with a medical concern by talking with the fire department they will be speaking with a Firefighter/EMT and possibly a Firefighter/Paramedic because 100% of the firefighters have this level of training. They will be asked to verify the address of the emergency to eliminate the call coming from another location in town. If calling on a cell phone always start with MARSHFIELD before saying what the problem is. This is because cell phone 911 is answered by the State Police in Framingham. Newer cell phones have technology to assist with identifying the caller's location, but it is a good habit to say what town you need the service from.

We will always treat first then transport when necessary and with the patient's consent. In the event they have an uncontrolled medical problem they should feel comfortable to call on us then once they have been treated and evaluated a decision can be made on whether will transport the patient. Once a patient is unable to answer for themselves we can transport them with implied consent which means that we believe if they could make the decision they would agree to be transported.


Stressed the importance of people who are living alone should participate with this FREE service to minimize the possibility they would be down on the floor for extended periods of time. Hypothermia will complicate the recovery from what ever the cause of the fall was and the resulting injuries. We know that people are suppose to be around 98 degrees and a hot room is probably 80 degree so being on the floor of a heated space will cause hypothermia.

Please feel free to use any and all of these points in your newsletters.

I appreciate your continued support and I hope that you enjoy your visit to our web site.