Open Space & Recreation Planning Survey

The Town of Marshfield is in the process of updating its 2010 Open Space and Recreation Plan.  An update is necessary to qualify for State reimbursement programs for acquisition and protection of important open space.  This survey is being conducted as part of the update in order to understand the needs and concerns of Marshfield residents regarding open space and recreational facilities.

"Open space" in this survey is defined as "public and privately owned undeveloped lands that are important for a variety of reasons, including environmental health, drinking water protection, habitat protection, recreation, agriculture, forestry, or simply because of their scenic qualities and their contribution to the overall character of Marshfield."  Faced with significant growth now and in the future, thoughtful planning will help us preserve open space that maintains Marshfield's character and quality of life for many generations to come.

Please take a few minutes to answer all of the applicable questions.  Thank you for your help!