Public Works - Solid Waste


The Recycling mission is to encourage people to consume less, reuse and donate materials, and recycle what cannot be eliminated or reused. The Department of Public Works plans, implements and maintains cost-effective recycling, toxics reduction and waste prevention programs that are characterized by good communication, good customer service and high participation and recovery rates. We maintain and monitor the curbside recycling program, recycling center, as well as recycling in municipal buildings, schools, public areas, and events. Together we can implement Town policies, improve current programs, and expand efforts to meet or exceed the waste reduction and recycling goals. By reducing natural resource waste and supporting the purchase of products with recycled content, we can improve the health of our environment and economy for generations to come.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paul F. Tomkavage P.E. Project Manager
Debbie Sullivan Solid Waste & Recycling Enforcement Officer (781) 536-2525, Cell: (781) 831-3134
Diane Salame Transfer Station Foreman (781) 834-5566
Donna Loomis Adm. Clerk (781) 834-5559, (781) 834-5560