Obtaining Vital Records

The Town of Marshfield supplies one format of birth certificates, commonly known as the long form. The cost of a birth certificate is $10.00. Marriage and death certificates may also be obtained for $10.00. All certificates are certified with the town seal.

Records can be requested online by emailing Narice A. Casper II and picked up or mailed out. Please include type of certificate, name, date of birth, death or marriage and a phone number that we can reach you at in the event that we don't have the record you are requesting. They can also be obtained in person during regular office hours. You should call ahead to request a certificate and it will be ready when you arrive at Town Hall.

Marriage Intentions - Marriage intentions may be filed in any clerk’s office in the State and the ceremony may take place anywhere within the State. Applicants must file together; blood tests are no longer required; 3-day waiting period from filing of intention to pick up. License valid for sixty days from date of filing intention. Filing fee $20.00