DD 214 and Military Records Requests, Corrections and Upgrades


The Story goes like this: There was a veteran who needed his DD 214 Discharge in a rush. He did a Google search and found a website that stated for $89.00, a credit card and his SS#, they could retrieve his DD 214 Discharge for him. So what this company does is send a form SF180 request to National Personal Records Center. THIS IS A FREE FORM AND A FREE REQUEST THAT ANY VETERAN CAN DO THIS HIM/HERSELF! Also, any Veteran organization can assist veterans FOR FREE with claims, discharge and records requests, education and any other issues they have. Please pass this along to the veterans you know and don’t let them get ripped off.

Contact your local veteran agent (Usually located at Town Hall) or other organizations such as VFW, DAV, etc..

To request a copy of your DD 214, (Click here)

Request to Upgrade your discharge DD0293dischargeupgrade.pdf

Request for Corrected DD 214 Click here

Please note, the links for electronic submission found on the National Archives Page do not work. The DD 149 will need to be mailed in to the appropriate branch of service. The addresses are located on the form.

Click: DD 149

Service Review Boards:

Air Force: Contact the Air Force Review Boards Agency.

Army: Contact the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA). The Army now accepts online applications for changes using the ACTSOnlinesystem.

Coast Guard: Contact the Board for Correction of Military Records of the Coast Guard

Navy and Marine Corps:

  • The Board for Correction of Naval Records
  • Secretary of the Navy - Council of Review Boards (CORB), including Naval Discharge Review Board (NDRB)