Partners in Conservation Program

The Partners in Conservation Program is the cornerstone of the Marshfield Conservation Land Stewardship Initiative. As stewards of the over 2400 acres of conservation land in Marshfield, we must rely on the help of caring and concerned citizens to ensure that the land is kept clean, safe, and therefore, available for all townspeople to enjoy.  

In late 2002 we began a volunteer program called Partners in Conservation whereby civic groups or individuals can choose to “adopt” a parcel of land, a trail, an entrance, or a variety of other things. They can also elect just to build benches along a trail path or a map station for one of Marshfield’s larger park areas. They could also assist with clean up, help build erosion control devices or a small bridge across a creek. There are a variety of other possibilities available, as well.  

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a part of this program, please contact the conservation office at 781-834-5573 for more information, or stop by our offices on the second floor of the Town Hall.