Medical Services

Heart Safety

The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency to help reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Should you need more information, or have questions you may contact them.

The American Stroke Association is soley focused on reducing disability and death from stroke. For more information contact the American Heart Association at the website above.

Patient Advocacy Alert Program

Did you know that the Marshfield Fire Department has a Patient Advocacy Alert Program that is availavle to all residents in town.  If you have a medical condition, we complete a Patient Advocacy Alert Program. We place that form in a secure  localtion of our 911 Dispatch Center and enter your information into our database in our computers which are located on our Paramedic 1 and Paramedic 2 Ambulances.  

A few examples of reasons to utilize the Patient Advocacy Alert Program include past medical history of chronic illness, terminal illness, inability to speak, patients on home oxygen, handicapped individuals, diabetes, seizures, pulmonary hypertension, babies with special needs, etc.

In the event you are unable to speak or relay your important medical information to us, we will have it already in our database.  In the event you need our EMS services frequently, this will eliminate the need to repeat your demographic information every time you call upon us for help.

Our Patient Advocacy Alert Program allows us to better serve and treat you in the event of a Medical Emergency.

Contact the administration office 781-834-5546 to enroll in the Marshfield Fire Department's Patient Advocacy Alert Program, or if you have any questions.