Using the Town Hall Kiosk FAQ

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What type of receipt can I have?

  • Emailed receipt
  • Text message receipt
  • Paper receipt

What if I lose my receipt?

  • If you are to lose your receipt you may contact the Treasurer-Collector’s Office and we can email you your payment detail information, we can arrange for you to pick up the receipt in person, or we can send the information to the appropriate Town Official/ Department on your behalf.

Will the receipt allow me to obtain the item I purchased?

  • The Town’s various divisions have been notified that any text, email, or paper receipt generated by the kiosk is an acceptable form of payment and is to be treated as such.

What are the Fees to use the Kiosk?

  • There is no fee for use of check or cash. If you use a credit card, there will be a convenience fee charged by the credit card processor of appx 3%.

How secure is the payment method?

  • The payment method is secure and is protected information just like all other municipal payment options.

Does the card I use have to be my own card? Or can it be my spouse’s/ parent’s etc.?

  • The payment option for using a credit card is a live time transaction and your payment approval will be determined by the card company at time of use. We take no opinion on what or whose credit card you decide to use.

Can I make a partial payment?

  • You may make a partial payment on all bills except excise taxes.

What if my credit card or check charges me incorrectly?

  • In this rare case you may contact the Treasurer-Collector’s office and we will assist in the best way possible to resolve the issue.

What if I make a purchase for a fee and do not use the service?

  • In this case we will need an email from the department in which you purchased service for stating you requested a refund, and it will be processed.

Does the machine produce change for cash payments?

  • No the machine does take cash, however it does not produce change. Any overage amount paid on the kiosk over 5.00 will be refunded via check from the Treasurer-Collector’s Office, and any charge under 1.00 will be waived by the Treasurer-Collector’s Office.