What can be recycled?

Marshfield residents can recycle a lot more than many people realize. Your bottles/can/plastics (#1,2,3,4,5,&7) and paper/cardboard in the recycling cart. Do not recycle plastic bags or plastic from your cleaners, or bread bags.
PAPER  (Please view curbside and transfer station acceptable items)
Newspaper and magazines
Paperback books, phone book
Office paper
Shredded paper in closed paper bags or clear plastic bags
Junk mail, even with windows
Cereal boxes, paper towel tubes
Cardboard (unless it has food stains)
Steel and tin cans
Aluminum cans, pie plates and trays
Glass containers
All plastic marked #1,2,3,4,5.7 (not#6)
If there is no chasing arrow with the numbers 1-7 on the item it is NOT recyclable. Not Styrofoam which is #6