Oil Burners

Oil Burner Equipment – 527 CMR 4.00
1. An “Application to Install” shall be filed before any work is started, except under emergency conditions. Applicable fee of $40.00 shall be submitted with application. Checks shall be made out to "Town of Marshfield."
2. To save time and secondary trips, and to assure the safety of our citizens, inspections of oil burners should be scheduled at the time the technician nears completion of the job. The technician should be present at the time of inspection. A “Certificate of Completion” will then be signed by the Fire Prevention Officer and left for the building owner or his designee.
3. Only “Certificate of Completion” forms recognized by the Town of Marshfield will be accepted.
4. A copy of the Operation and Maintenance instructions shall be left with the owner.
1. All installations shall be in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
2. Any garage installation shall also meet the requirements of 527 CMR 5.04: (2) (3).
3. Any garage installation shall also be protected from vehicle damage in the same manner as an oil tank.
1. An oil solenoid valve is required on all new installations. [reference:527 CMR 4.03: (4) (a)].
1. Combustible construction within five (5) feet of and directly over the oil fired furnace or boiler shall be protected with noncombustible material of at least ONE HOUR FIRE RESISTIVE RATING. This is required for all new and replacement burner installations. Oil Burners that have an A. F. U. E. rating shall be exempt from this provision.
2. Protection shall a minimum of four (4) feet in all directions from the top center of the boiler or furnace, but in no case less than a minimum of two (2) feet beyond the perimeter of said boiler or furnace.
3. Any and all joints and/or openings shall be taped and plastered.
4. In lieu of noncombustible material, an Automatic Sprinkler may be used, it shall meet ALL requirements of 4.03: (6)(j), including, but not limited to:
 a. High temperature (250 – 300 F) rated, Pendant type
 b. In new construction, minimum pipe size shall be three quarter (3/4) inch copper, or one (1) inch iron.
 c. In a replacement installation, with existing one half (1/2) inch pipe, the water supply requirements must be proven and documented.
 d. Water supply shall be capable of supplying ten (10) gallons
5. The sprinkler head shall be as close as possible to the center of the boiler or furnace and shall be no more than one (1) inch below any obstruction. On a warm air furnace, where the exhaust vents from the opposite side of the unit, two (2) sprinkler heads shall be installed, one located above the burner and one above the exhaust.
6. The main water shut off in the house shall be the only shut off valve allowed in the supply line to the sprinkler head.
7. Sprinkler heads shall be allowed in buildings in which the primary source of water is a well provided that:
 a. The water supply meets the required flow
 b. A test flow report is included with the completion form.
1. All venting requirements shall conform to the Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR (current edition), including, but not limited to:
 a. Gravity vents shall not have more than two (2) offsets of more than forty-five (45) degrees from the vertical.
 b. The horizontal run of a gravity vent and it’s connectors shall not be more than seventy-five (75) percent of the vertical height of the venting system, measured from the appliance outlet.
 c. The minimum distance to combustibles shall not be less than eighteen (18) inches
2. Power vents shall be installed according to the manufacturers specifications and shall meet all applicable Building and Electrical Codes.


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