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Special Event - Adopt-A-Seedling has gone virtual!  Order your seedlings on-line, then pick-up on May 17th at the Marshfield Fairgrounds via a drive-through, no-touch pick-up process.  All payments/donations must be made by check or exact change cash which will be collected in a no-touch method.    Remember, all prices are a minimum suggested donation and are set very low for our organically grown seedlings.  This year the proceeds will be used to help us with things needed at the community gardens like a generator, fencing, and more.  We use only high quality certified organic items including seeds, starter mix, potting soil, peat pots and fish emulsion fertilizer to bring you the best plants we can.    Here is the link to order!

Commission Description:
The Marshfield Agricultural Committee was established in February 2006. A few short years later it was reestablished as a Commission and has adopted the mission statement as follows:

“The duty of the Agricultural Commission is to represent the Town of Marshfield’s agricultural community and interests."

This commission shall serve as facilitator for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Marshfield: promoting agricultural based economic opportunities for the Town, act as mediators, advocates, educators and/or negotiators for the general public and in an advisory capacity on farming issues for established Town Committees and Departments, work for the preservation of both town owned and privately owned agricultural lands, and pursuing all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community.”

Since that time the Commission has drafted and had approved at town meeting a “Right to Farm” bylaw. The purpose of this by-law is to state with emphasis the Right to Farm accorded to all citizens of the Commonwealth under Article 97 of the Constitution, and all state statutes and regulations thereunder including but not limited to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A, Section 3, Paragraph 1: Chapter 90, Section 9: Chapter 111, Section 125A and Chapter 128, Section 1A. We the citizens of Marshfield restate and republish these rights pursuant to the Towns authority conferred by Article 89 of the Articles of Amendment of the Massachusetts Constitution, (Home Rule Amendment)”.

This General By-Law encourages the pursuit of agriculture, promotes agriculture based economic opportunities, and protects farmlands within the Town of Marshfield by allowing agricultural uses and related activities to function with minimal conflict with abutters and Town agencies. The By-Law applies to all jurisdictional areas within the town.  

For a complete text of this by-law contact the Town Clerk for a copy of the Town By-Laws.

In addition the Agricultural Commission has sponsored a Community Garden located on conservation property at Mounce Meadows off Union Street. It has been subdivided into 36 plots, in 20' x 30' and 20' x 15' sizes for use by anyone wishing to grown their own produce or flowers. This garden is organic (no chemical pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides) See our link above for an application to join our gardeners.

The commission has established an annual free educational lecture event, The Backyard Farm & Garden Lectures, and the Adopt-a-Seedling Event. The first year’s lecture event were attended by an average of 96 people at each lecture and has now grown to around 200 attendees. The Adopt-a-Seedling event offers a wide variety of organically grown seedlings, cuttings, and divisions for a donation.  All items are raised by the members.  The event draws several hundred people. It is held on the third Saturday in May from 10 am to 2 pm hosted at the Marshfield Farmers’ Market.

Commission Members

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Lorrie Gampp Dahlen



Norma Haskins



Carolyn Housman


Annie Massed


Karen Vieira


Ed Duane


Kristen Webb


Carleton Chandler