Treasurer / Collector

Department Description:

The Offices of the Treasurer Collector are located on the main floor of Town Hall and provide a myriad of services to the public. Each office has its own telephone numbers as well as public access. The Offices of the Treasurer Collector are responsible for the receipt, investment and disbursement of all Town funds. Payroll and benefits are also administered by this department.

The Collector’s Office issues and collects over 100,000 bills annually for real estate tax, personal property tax, motor vehicle excise, boat excise and utilities (water, sewer and trash) as well as issuing Municipal Lien Certificates.  

The Treasurer’s Office processes all other types of receipts, disburses all payroll and vendor payments, issues cemetery deeds, sells beach stickers and mooring permits and handles the collection of tax titles (tax liens). The Treasurer is also responsible for the issuance of all short and long term debt.

The Payroll Office for employees of the town departments is located to the right of the entrance on the main floor of the town hall.  The Benefits Office is for all town employees and is located to the left of the entrance on the main floor of town hall. These two offices process the payroll for the Town, administer all benefit plans, workers compensation and unemployment for active and retired employees.  

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Patrick Dello Russo Treasurer/Collector
Kathleen Maresco Assistant Collector
Rachel Silveira Assistant Treasurer