The DPW Engineering Division designs infrastructure improvement projects such as new water main installations, cleaning and lining of water mains, storm drain system improvements, sanitary sewer system extensions, seawall repairs, roadway and intersection design, and other public works projects. Staff provides construction inspection of public works projects and subdivision developments. Land surveying is conducted to support town projects, requests from other town departments, and resident requests for street line location (on public ways). Technical support is provided to all Public Works divisions and town departments upon request. Projects are reviewed as part of Special Permit/Variance Applications, Subdivision Approval, and Building Permit applications. Building address numbers are assigned here in coordination with the Assessors Office during the building permit process or as otherwise required.

The Engineering Division produces, updates and provides public access to the town atlas/assessors maps, plans of land, easement plans, taking plans, as-built sewer and drainage record plans, and various town maps (streets, zoning, voting precincts/districts, water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection system, storm drain system, etc.). The division is working with the town's Geographic Information System (GIS) Administrator in creating and updating GIS data layers and databases containing all of the same features shown on the town maps described above (see the town GIS web page for more information).

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Paul F. Tomkavage P.E. Project Manager, Solid Waste / Wastewater
Roderic Procaccino Town Engineer
Charles Swanson Project Manager, Water
Gereth Long Administrative Assistant