Information Technology



Mission Statement

Information Technology Department (ITD) strives to coordinate users and technologies for purposes of enabling all departments of Town Government to meet their objectives in an integrated and efficient manner. ITD is responsible for the selection, purchase, implementation and management of the town’s computer systems and infrastructure engineering and development.

Marshfield’s computer network serves the needs for over twenty-five departments and agencies throughout Marshfield. ITD’s main goal is to support the various Marshfield offices with Connectivity, Data Availability, Security and insight to relevant technologies for purposes of meeting each department’s objectives. Though ITD works behind the scenes of all departments offering service to town Residents, it does not customarily interact one on one with the public. Together, each Town department interacts with ITD for purposes of supplying Marshfield Residents with needed services. Based on the Needs Assessments performed with each department, ITD develops a planned approach to link appropriate technologies with the services required.


Information Technology is key to Marshfield’s ability to grow, educate its children, respond to emergencies, and efficiently provide services to its citizens. Investments in IT applications and infrastructure provide town managers with tools to more effectively gather and manage the financial, physical, and human resources of the Town.

As part of the Information Technology Strategic Plan, the Department's mission is to use technology to enhance the delivery of Town and School services to the community. The ITD responsibilities listed below are based on various initiatives.

  • Telecommunications systems and networks, comprising the integration of planning, development, and implementation of all systems and network services.
  • Delivery of applications and other information service’s which meet the users' specifications in terms of quality and cost.
  • Security of the Town's computer data, information assets and resources.
  • Identification of opportunities in the development and support of new and existing technologies for all departments, including Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments.
  • Working with all department heads for the Identification of Training objectives for employees in the use of various aspects of information technology.

MIS Director

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