Check Out Marshfield's Community Preservation Act Projects

New Projects in 2016

  • 310 Furnace Street land Purchase - A 7.6 acre parcel will prevent development of multiple house lots and protect Furnace Brook Well. CPA funds: $575,000 (minus grant)
  • Street Hockey Rink - Restoration of the dilapidated, outdoor street hockey rink located near high school. CPA funds: $75,000
  • Playground Governor Winslow School - Creation of a new playground at GWS to replace an outdated, unsafe structure. CPA funds: $125,000
  • Senior Center Athletic Area - This phase of the project will repair a stairwell and other structures as part of the outdoor athletic space at Senior Center. CPA funds: $144,900

Projects Approved in 2015

  • Harbor Boardwalk - A sidewalk to be built along Joseph Drieebek Way to allow walkers, bikers, runners, safe passage from Town Pier to Peter Igo Park. CPA funds: $896,212.
  • Marshfield Hills Cemetery Restoration - Restoration of 604 headstones and memorials. CPA funds approved: $481,177.
  • Daniel Webster School Playground - A new age appropriate playground will replace an unsafe structure previously removed by the town. CPA funds approved: $80,000.
  • Town Record Books Restoration - The books containing the town's minutes, budgets and land transfer documents dating to 1640 will be preserved and digitized. CPA funds approved: $150,000.
  • Pratt Walking Trail and Kayak Launch - Trails will be built across the Pratt land to the Bridle Trail and an ADA compliant kayak launch will be installed at the Keville Bridge on the South River. CPA funds approved: $148,640.
  • Winslow Schoolhouse Restoration - Immediate structural efforts will help restore the one room schoolhouse to its original state allowing for continued use by the public. CPA funds approved: $42,196.

Projects Approved in 2014

  • Harbor Park- A complete revitalization of the park located at Town Pier, along Joseph Driebeek Way, will provide an ADA compliant space for viewing the harbor, with a picnic pavilion, play slide, grass amphitheater, and access to the Green River for canoeing and kayaking. CPA funds approved: $450,000.
  • Uncle Bud Skate Park- A modernization of the existing skate park to a multi-use, minimal maintenance, concrete facility for all wheeled activities. The project will also incorporate improved landscaping and viewing for concerts, movies and plays. CPA funds approved: $375,000.
  • Senior Center Walking Path - A handicap accessible walking trail with parking will be built at the Senior Center/Marshfield Youth Baseball complex on Webster Street. The trail, open to all residents, will provide a safe, visible walking area abutting beautiful conservation areas. CPA funds approved: $146,000.
  • Cemetery Restorations - Old Winslow Cemetery on Winslow Cemetery Road, and Two Mile Cemetery on Union Street, the resting place of many of Marshfield's earliest families, continue to benefit from restoration efforts with gravestone cleaning and repair, improved landscaping and access, and documentation of grave inscriptions and identification. CPA funds approved: Old Winslow Cemetery, $43,495, Two Mile Cemetery, $41,768, Daniel Webster Burial Plot, $14,905.

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