FEMA Flood Maps

Online mapping for existing and original proposed (2015) flood maps

Online mapping for FEMA Flood (FIRM) Maps

FEMA Flood Maps link

Once you open the link, please find the two tabs to the upper left corner of the screen.

To find your Property:

Use Findtab (the second blue tab just below the Town Seal on the upper left side of screen), type in your street name when the street name pops up in a box just below click on appropriate street.

Then type in house number and again click on the appropriate number when it pops up just below.

To check the Flood Map:

Then open the Layers tab (just above Find tab) and check on the layers you wish to view.

The new FEMA flood Map(Revised Preliminary 11/06/2015) is the default layer.

Click on the little box in front of the title to the layers you wish to turn on or off.

You will have to click on the 7-17-2012 layer to view the current flood map.

You will have to click on the FEMA Proposed layer to view the 2013 proposed and appealed flood map.

To Check Elevation:

Go to the blue boxes to the far right of the Screen, the fourth box down shows a small letter “i” inside a circle. Click on that box so it turns yellow and then go back on the map and click on your property. The box to your left will now change. Look underneath “Revised Preliminary 11-06-2015” for the label” fld_zone” directly under that you will see a letter designation (an example would be the letters “AE”) if you are in a flood zone. Click on those letter and a new box will appear directly below that says “Detail Information”. The third box down will say “bfe2” (base flood elevation) to the right of that should be a number. That is your base flood elevation number (an example would be 14).

Blank Elevation Certificate With Instructions - PDF

Flood Insurance Study Vol. 1 - PDF
Flood Insurance Study Vol. 2 - PDF
Flood Insurance Study Vol. 3 - PDF

Hurricane Protection Before and After: How To Protect Your Family and Home - PDF
How Flood Insurance Works - PDF
Building Officials Are On Your Side - PDF
FEMA-National Flood Insurance - PDF
FEMA Elevation Grant Checklist Packet.pdf

All maps are also available for viewing at the Building Department in the Town Hall at 870 Moraine Street or at the Ventress Memorial Library at 15 Libary Plaza, Marshfield.

FEMA Flood Map Index for Marshfield - PDF

0117J - PDF
0118J - PDF
0119J - PDF
0136J - PDF
0137J - PDF
0138J - PDF
0139J - PDF
0143J - PDF
0207J - PDF
0226J - PDF
0227J - PDF
0228J - PDF
0229J - PDF
0231J - PDF
0232J - PDF
0233J - PDF
0234J - PDF
0237J - PDF
0241J - PDF