Inclement Weather Policy

Marshfield Council on Aging


Approved July 18, 2012

Revised June 19, 2013

In case of inclement weather, the Board of Selectmen may cancel, delay opening, or mandate early closing of the Senior Center. Old Colony Elder Services and/or the Council on Aging may cancel the Congregate Lunch Program and meals on wheels and the Senior Center Director may cancel any or all individual programs.

Volunteer medical drivers from the Council on Aging may not be available to drive clients to appointments during severe weather or threats of such weather. The Director in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator will have the authority to cancel the volunteer transportation program when necessary. 

It is incumbent that dialysis patients have a back up plan to the Volunteer Transportation Program.

Volunteer medical drivers from the Council on Aging are not permitted to drive clients to appointments that are having certain diagnostic or surgical procedures done.  

Cancelation announcements will be made on WATD (95.9 FM) radio, greater Boston area TV networks and local access cable TV.