Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers and Systems - 527 CMR 6
A permits is required for all new or replacemnt of fixed installations. No permit shall be required to make a connection in the replacement of a portable container or the filling of a stationary container.
If the aggregate amount of LP-gas to be stored exceeds two thousand (2,000) gallons, then a license as required by 527 CMR 6.08 (2)(b) must first be obtained and a copy submitted with the application for permit to install.
An "Application to Install" shall be filed before any work is stared, except under emergency conditions. Applicable fee is $40.00. Make checks payable to “Town of Marshfield.”
The owner of the storage equipment shall be responsible for the installation of the LP-gas facility and for maintaining it in a safe operating condition.
A Site Plan containing the following information must be submitted with all applications for permits for storage in excess of 200 gallons:
a. distance of tank(s) to property lines,
b. distance to nearest building openings - i.e. doors, windows, etc.
c. distance to exterior sources of ignition - i.e. openings into direct vent appliances or mechanical ventilation intakes.
The Head of the Fire Department may order the user of the LP-gas system to meet additional requirements:
a. where unusual conditions exist,
b. when it is necessary for the protection of life and property, and
c. provided that the additional requirements are within the intent and purpose of 527 CMR 6.00.
Upon completion of the installation or connection authorized by permit, the person, firm or corporation having made the installation shall certify in writing to the Head of the Fire Department that the work has been completed and confirms to 527 CMR 6.00.
All installations shall be all requirements of 527 CMR 6.00, with particular attention to the following:
1. 6.06 Emergency Reporting and Procedure
2. 6.07(2) Container Markings
3. 6.07(3) Container Storage Outside of Buildings
4. 6.07(4) Underground Installation of Storage Containers
5. 6.08(1)(e) Installation and Inspection
Under no circumstances shall product be stored prior to the receipt of a "permit to store."
The LP-gas storage tank shall be installed on a poured concrete pad
exception: a tank of less than 1000 lbs may be installed on a reinforced concrete disc.
In addition to the requirements listed under Residential Installations, shall meet the following:
If exposed to vehicular traffic, bumper guards shall protect the LP-gas system.
The LP-gas system shall be placed on a poured cement pad as specified in NFPA Standard 58, 1998 edition.
Massachusetts General Laws
        Chap 22, section 14
        Chap. 148, section 9, 10, 28
527 CMR Board of Fire Prevention Regulations
1.0 Administration and Enforcement
6.0 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers and Systems