Demolition Delay Bylaw



It is a means to delay demolition of a building or property of significant historical value to the town for a period of up to one year to provide time to find an alternative to its destruction. Similar bylaws are in place in over 100 cities and towns in Massachusetts. It is not involved in issues of zoning or community planning. It is not intended to dictate future us of the property or to prevent building in our community.


The Building Department notifies the Marshfield Historical Commission when an application for a permit to demolish property fifty years old or older is received. Issuance of the permit is delayed pending a finding by the Commission regarding the historical significance of the property. The Building Department must be advised of that finding within 30 days of receipt of the notification by the Commission. If no significance is found the permit may be issued. If the property is significant the applicant must provide the Commission with the information detailed in the bylaw. A public hearing will be held. Within 60 days following the receipt of the information from the applicant, the Commission shall notify the Building Department if the property should preferably be preserved or not. If preservation is called for, the permit will be delayed for a period of up to one year to provide time for the investigation of alternatives to demolition. The permit may be approved by the Commission at any time during the one year period if the applicant has agreed to accept a permit with conditions approved by the Commission.