Employment Opportunities

The Recreation Department strives to hire the best-qualified individuals possible to staff and instruct our many programs. In December 1999 our department was authorized by the Executive Office of Public Safety, Criminal History Systems Board to  perform C.O.R.I. (Criminal Offender Record Information) checks on prospective employees.

Our department presently uses applications, personal interviews and reference checks as part of our screening process. The C.O.R.I. will further assist us in screening prospective employees.

Chapter 385 of the Acts of 2002, An Act Further Protecting Children - Section 172H, C.O.R.I.’s shall be required of all program volunteers, prior to allowing them to volunteer in a program

In all instances we will do everything possible to provide a positive learning experience and offer a safe, secure environment for your child. The Recreation Department strives to offer community programs, which are within budget limitations. All Recreation Department programs are self-supporting. The fees, which are charged for programs cover the cost of operation of the program, such as instructor salaries and materials.

Program Instructors and part time employees are hired on a seasonal basis. If you are interested in offering a program please contact our office.


Information regarding summer employment (paid and volunteer)  is listed in the Winter / Spring Community Brochure. The minimum age for paid staff is 16. A limited number of volunteer positions are also available. The minimum age is 13. Please call for specific information.