Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate Information

The Town of Marshfield provides copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates at a cost of $10.00 per certificate.  All copies are certified and bear a raised Town Seal.

Birth Certificates are provided in one format commonly referenced as the long form.  This format is accepted by all state, local and federal offices.  The only birth certificates on file in Marshfield fall into two categories: the Mother was a resident of Marshfield at the time of the child's birth and requested the record be released to Marshfield or the child was physically born in Marshfield.  If your mother was living in another city or town at your time of birth your birth record resides in that city or town.

Death Certificates for persons who died in Marshfield or were residents of Marshfield when they died are available from the Clerk's Office.   Exceptions are persons who died outside of Massachusetts.  Death Certificates for persons who passed outside of the Commonwealth would be in the city, town or county of the state or country where they passed.  Please feel free to call our office to verify if we have the record available. 

Marriage Certificates are available for any couple that had filed their intentions in Marshfield.  In Massachusetts the Marriage Certificate is held in the City or Town in which the couple filed their intention to marry.  The place of the actual wedding ceremony may be different.   Please feel free to call our office to verify that we have the record available.

Marriage Intentions may be filed in any clerk’s office in the Commonwealth and the ceremony may take place anywhere within the Commonwealth. The Marriage Certificate record will reside in the City or Town where you file your intentions  - which may not be the location of the wedding.  Applicants must file together in person.  Blood tests are no longer required.   There is a 3-day waiting period from filing of your intentions to issuance of the license to marry.   Marriage licenses are valid for sixty days from date of filing the intentions.  The filing fee $20.00.   Copies of the certified Marriage Certificate are available for $10.00 each after the marriage is certified by the Clerk's Office.

Records can be requested online by clicking the blue topic heading below. Please carefully read the information provided in the side bar of the ordering form.  If you have any questions, please call the office before ordering.  All online requests are handled within one business day.  Vital records can also be obtained in person during regular office hours. You should call ahead to verify that the record is available in Marshfield and it will be ready when you arrive at Town Hall.  All Massachusetts vital records can be obtained from the Registry of Vital Records 150 Mount Vernon St. Dorchester, MA.

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