Online Dog Licensing Application


The Marshfield Online Dog Licensing service is now available. Renewing your dog’s license can be done by following the instructions below. In the event of permitting a new dog, a dedicated link is available with specific instructions as to those requirements as well. 

The following system requirements must be considered when accessing your dog’s data. The User Tips include:

1) Ensure your computer utilizes one of the following Browser versions; Microsoft Edge Browser, Firefox and Chrome browsers are also supported.

2) Pop-Up blockers should be disabled when accessing the Marshfield Online Dog Permitting website.

3) The following information should be available to the dog owner prior to accessing the Dog Permitting website: a) Owners Name, b) Dogs Name, c) Dogs’ Tag or License number, d) Type of Breed, e) Street NameFuture renewals will be simplified if you submit a valid email address into the application forms email field. Renewal notices are sent to owners with email addresses via a dedicated link to your dog / owner information, allowing the owner to access the dog's info immediately.

The system is designed to identify information entered to ensure the correct dog data is retrieved. The renewal of multiple dogs will require dog owners to enter specific information for each separate dog renewal attempt. In the event all of the fields are not populated, the program will attempt to identify the correct dog/owner data based on the remaining fields populated.

4) There are numerous documents which may be required to renew your dog license; these include a valid Rabies Certificate and possibly a Neutered or Spay Certificate if applicable. The options to submit these documents to the town include, uploading the electronic certificate version via the Dog Permitting Application in PDF, TIFF or JPG formats. These certificate files can be obtained by scanning the paper certificates or taking pictures of the certificates and saving the files on your computer as one of the file formats mentioned. Additionally, your Vet may also have the ability to send the certificate to the Town of Marshfield at the following email address.

Additionally we have an Online Payments option for paying the appropriate fee once the application is submitted. Payments can be sent to the Marshfield Town Clerks office as well via the postal services. Questions with regards to the Permitting process can be sent to the following email address. Please select the following links based on the type of permit requested: Renewal of existing Dog(sor New Dog Licensing (Both available on 4/1/2020)