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The Marshfield Fire Department has partnered with the Council on Aging, Veterans Services, Housing Authority, Public Health, and Town Government to provide mobile wellbeing assistance for seniors, veterans, and qualified residents.

This is a free mobile service that conducts “house calls” in order to help enhance your well-being!

Some of the free services the program provides are as follows:

  • Well-being assessment including blood pressure, oxygen, blood sugar, pulse, and temperature.
  • Support in managing your health so you can continue living at home.
  • Chronic disease education and medication review.
  • Home fire and safety hazard identification and suggestions for how to manage them.
  • Referrals to helpful community resources when additional help is required.
  • Flu and Covid-19 Vaccination
  • Support for your well-being so you can continue living safely at home.

To receive more information and schedule a visit to your home:

Call us!

Council on Aging at 781-834-5581

Veterans Services at 781-834-5576

or email us at



Veterans' crisis line

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Apply for VA Healthcare click to print and mail the form 1010EZ OR 1010EZR for annual update

Location of a Veterans' Health Administration near you CLICK HERE

VA Patient Call Center 800-865-3384 Option #3 or call 857-364-4418 24 hrs

The VA Healthcare System Brochure contains all the contact information you need to know! VABostonHealthcareSystemFlyer.pdf


Help with bills incurred by non VA Hospitals (due to Health Net not  paying in a timely manner.) And as always, you can contact or have the Veteran contact our Patient Advocates at for assistance in getting a resolution to a billing query. The VA Adverse Credit Helpline states that “VA will help you resolve adverse credit reporting and debt collection issues by use of the Choice Program”  The number is 877-881-7618

When Veteran’s call they should select option 1 and then a second time, choose option 1 to get to the appropriate operator.

Mental Health Counseling is free and available to combat veterans at the 
Vet Centers.

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Click here for more assistance in Mental Health

Q. Can I get a hearing aid from the VA?
A. It is National VA Policy that hearing aids are furnished to eligible veterans in accordance with the restrictions defined in a VHA DIRECTIVE 2008-070 issued October 28, 2008.

It is National VA Policy that hearing aids are furnished to eligible veterans in accordance with the restrictions defined in a VA Directive 2002-039 released July 5, 2002. Briefly, the Directive explains that eligibility for hearing aids is currently limited to veterans with a documented service connected hearing loss, veterans receiving a disability rating of 10% or more - for a condition other than hearing loss, and some veterans with very special needs. With the exception of veterans with documented service connection for hearing loss, an eligible veteran must be currently enrolled in and receiving healthcare from a VA Medical Center or VA Outpatient Clinic.

Hearing aids are not customarily provided to non-service connected veterans. However, if there is a medical reason, a VA Physician can refer a non-service connected veteran for a hearing evaluation.

If you are not certain about your eligibility status, check the blue pages of your local phone directory for the number of your local Veterans Benefits counselor, or, call your nearest VA and ask for the Veterans Service Center. You may also contact the VA Health Benefits Service Center toll free at 1-877-222-VETS.


MyHealtheVet - VA's online personal health record!
It was designed for Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, their dependents and caregivers. My HealtheVet helps you partner with your health care team. It provides you opportunities and tools to make informed decisions and manage your health care 

Specific features in My HealtheVet are available to you based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account are able to view their self-entered information. If you are a VA patient, you can upgrade your account to Advanced or Premium. For more information about account types and what you can view, visit My HealtheVet Account Types. 

Among the newest features available to Veterans with a Premium Account include VA Notes. These are clinical notes that your health care team records during your appointments or hospital stays. Also available are your VA Immunization records, more detailed lab reports and a list of your current medical issues. These features are in addition to prescription refills, VA Appointments and Secure Messaging – all very popular with Veterans!

TRICARE is managed by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) under the policy guidance and direction of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) (ASD[HA]). The DHA manages the TRICARE budget, executes TRICARE policies and oversees the entire TRICARE health program. 

Already a Tricare Member? Click here


Phone: 1-800-733-8387 

Fax: 303-331-7804

ELIGIBILITY To be eligible for CHAMPVA, you cannot be eligible for TRICARE, and you must be in one of these categories:

  1. The spouse or child of a Veteran who has been rated permanently and totally disabled for a service-connected disability by a VA regional office.
  2. The surviving spouse or child of a Veteran who died from a VA-rated service-connected disability.
  3. The surviving spouse or child of a Veteran who was at the time death rated permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability.
  4. The surviving spouse or child of a military member who died in the line of duty, not due to misconduct (in most of these cases, these family members are eligible for TRICARE, not CHAMPVA). 
  5. An eligible CHAMPVA sponsor may be entitled to receive medical care through the VA health care system based on his or her own Veteran status. If the eligible CHAMPVA sponsor is the spouse of another eligible CHAMPVA sponsor, both may now be eligible for CHAMPVA benefits. In each instance where the eligible spouse requires medical attention, he or she may choose the VA health care system or coverage under CHAMPVA for his/her health care needs.

Women's Health Care

At each VA Medical Center nationwide, a Women Veterans Program Manager is designated to assist women Veterans. She can help coordinate all the services you may need, from primary care to medical services to Mental Health and Sexual Abuse Counseling.

Women Veterans who are interested in receiving care at VA should contact their nearest VA Medical Center and ask for the Women Veterans Program Manager.


Mass health To improve the health outcomes of our diverse members, their families and their communities, by providing access to integrated health care services that sustainably promote health, well-being, independence, and quality of life.

US Family Health Plan is a TRICARE Prime option offering an excellent program of health care coverage built on a sound mission and unsurpassed commitment to our members. This commitment is displayed every day through high-quality service and strong physician-patient relationships. The result: exceptional member satisfaction.

US Family Health Plan is the only program that offers all the benefits provided by TRICARE Prime, plus more. Enrollment is available to active duty family members and military retirees and their eligible family members that are 64 years of age and under.

Mass health To improve the health outcomes of our diverse members, their families and their communities, by providing access to integrated health care services that sustainably promote health, well-being, independence, and quality of life.


VET CENTERS Vet Centers offer a wide range of services to Veterans and their families at 300 community-based Vet Center locations.

The Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General (AGO) is pleased to announce the Access to Mental Health Services Grant Program. Utilizing funds recovered by the AGO through a consumer protection settlement, the Access to Mental Health Services Grant opportunity is designed to promote programs in the Commonwealth that assist Massachusetts service members and/or veterans, seniors, students, or residents with mental health related conditions.

Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts
The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts assists with diagnosis of brain injuries and get help with rehabilitative care 

F.I.G.H.T. Program FIGHT Program.pdf The Family Center offers service support groups in an informal, relaxed, confidential atmosphere to explore, confront, and fight for the family you love and the life you deserve. Come join other military members, military spouses, and children of military veterans in order to discover the fight worth fighting in your life.

Operation Home Base (Red Sox Non-Profit Organization)
If you are a veteran with questions about combat stress, PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury -- or a New England based family member of veteran concerned about these injuries -- and wish to have a confidential consultation with the Red Sox Foundation and MGH Home Base Program, please call 617-724-5202 or e-mail us.   
For general information about the RED SOX FOUNDATION and MGH HOME BASE PROGRAM, please visit If you wish to make a donation in honor of a veteran or to assist veterans who have served all of us by making a donation to the Red Sox Foundation earmarked to support the program, please e-mail us or call 617-226-6323. And to ALL of our veterans, thank you for your service.

SAVE TEAM (617) 210-5743 Toll-free: (888) 844-2838
Statewide Advocacy for Veterans' Empowerment
Advocate for veterans who are not able to obtain the benefits they have earned due to institutional or personal barriers. The program's primary mission is prevention of suicide and mental health distress through the identification of issues facing veterans when they return from service and proactively providing them with access to benefits and services that may address these issues and result in positive transitions back to civilian life.

SAVE acts as a liaison between veterans and their families and the various agencies within the federal and state governments.

is a non-profit organization that provides free resiliency and reintegration wellness services to empower veterans to manage combat stress. TABA offers a multi-faceted approach to wellness practices including yoga, meditation, martial arts, massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, and other alternative therapies that complement traditional methods. TABA teaches a variety of wellness tools for veterans to use for managing emotional stress, putting them in charge of their own healing. Many veterans find that these wellness practices, in conjunction with traditional therapies, help them manage and process their combat experience and “navigate life after war."

1(800) 273-8255 (then press 1)

The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is to honor and empower wounded warriors. Its vision is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history. The WWP strives to raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members, and to help injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members

The Marshfield Board of Health contracts with Partners Health Care at Home to provide Public Health nursing services to Marshfield residents. The Marshfield BOH contracts with PHC for referrals to a full range of Home Health Care Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Home Health Aide Services. Communicable Disease Control Activities and Health Screenings (i.e. blood pressure readings, immunizations, flu and children’s clinics) are also provided through the Board of Health Office.

Nursing hours at the Board of Health Office are as follows:
Tuesday  9:00-11:00am
Thursday 1:30-3:30pm

Call the BOH Office

The mission of the Soldiers' Home is to provide, with honor and dignity, the highest quality of personal health care services to Massachusetts Veterans. Our vision is to be recognized as the health care provider of choice for all Veterans residing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Soldiers' Home in Chelsea is located at:
Soldiers' Home in Chelsea
91 Crest Avenue
Chelsea, MA 02150
Main Phone: (617) 884-5660
Fax Number: (617) 884-1162
Click for Other contact information

The Soldiers' Home in Holyoke is located at: 

Soldiers' Home in Holyoke
110 Cherry St.
Holyoke, MA 01040-7002
Main Phone: (413) 532-9475
Fax Number: (413) 532-0606
Click for other contact information

VA LONG TERM CARE The department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a spectrum of geriatric and extended care services (Adult Daycare )to veterans enrolled in its health care system. 

Guide to Long Term Care (click here)
The Guide provides information about long term care options – home and community based, and in residential settings. It also provides a "Shared Decision Making" approach to long term care decisions.

Veteran Long term Care information at

Guidelines for placing referrals for VA funded Adult Day Health Care Contact VA 508-583-4500  to verify if the veteran is in the health care system. If Veteran is in the health care system: They have to be active with a Primary Care Physician with the VA and seen within the last year. if seen within the last year, contact PCP and ask for a consult to be placed for VA funding. From that point it goes to the PCP who will coordinate a start date and a rate with the day care and the family. An application for Extended Care Services (1O-10EC) must be completed and returned to the VA. This determines if the veteran might have a co-payment. If veteran is co-payment required they might be subject to a $15 a day co-payment. 

If Veteran has not been seen within the last year, they will have to schedule an appointment with their VA PCP. At that appointment mention that they are interested in VA funded Adult Day Health Care. Co-payment still might apply. 

If Veteran is not in the health care system: Click here to our Healthcare page and find the links to apply for VA Healthcare.  They will need their discharge paperwork from the service and their financial information. Application needs to be filled out and they will be assessed for eligibility for health care services. Then they can request a VA PCP. They can keep their community physicians. They must be seen at either the Bedford VA or one of the clinics. They must specify where they want to receive their health care. At the first appointment, they must request funding for Adult Day Health Care.

After Veteran is approved for VA funding for day care, the social worker for the program will conduct quarterly follow-up visits and initiate referrals for other services as needed.